Friday, 20 January 2012

Wellcome DMP finalised after a couple of days of feverish writing and chopping...

Made good use of the DCC's DMPOnline to construct the Wellcome fellowship RDMP I've been working on with SW. Fortunately it looks to have come good in the end :-)

A word limit of a 1,000 words for 7 questions seems a lot but it's pretty easy to eat up those allowances! Especially with something complex that needs to be explained again in the plan. In the actual grant application it's fine as you're assuming the audience will be fellow experts in the field. With the RDMP it's like trying to explain rocket science in a "for dummies" book metaphor. Can you explain what you're doing in 60 seconds or less? I get the feeling that RDMP's will be evaluated by IT literate staff who won't understand the discipline or terminology of the actual subject area. Hence everything needs to be dumbed down which helps focus the mind.

The plan will be going in at the end of the month along with the actual funding bid. Fingers crossed for SW! Like to see a copy?

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