Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sharepoint document management for DClinPsy trainees...

Just finished setting up a Sharepoint repository for DClinPsy trainees. They'll be able to store their data and site files that go alongside their thesis. Site files are basically who, did what, when, protocols and other practical details.

Their thesis is currently deposited in the:

Typically these are embargoed for 5 years. Plus the actual data and site files aren't uploaded anyway.

At the moment the data and site files are stored on DVD in the trainees paper file and locked in filing cabinets (again for 5 years). This has meant that they weren't often accessed (if at all). Given the Stapel fraud in Psychology staff will now be looking at data much more closely. This is a big cultural change in the department and a pretty major impact goal for the project.

Doing this has meant I've not only needed to develop the Sharepoint site but also write some more documentation along with screen grabs on how to use it.

Hopefully "Simples" as they say. I won't be doing the uploads so it needs to work without me around.

As screen grab from the instructions is shown below. Hopefully they are "Simples" and the site will be utilised for years to come!

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