Tuesday, 6 March 2012

One-stop-shop website now in the CMS...

Just about got the transformed website into the University CMS. Not too much cussing (well a fair bit as the CMS is locked down tighter than the proverbial camel in a sandstorm).

Hopefully be a useful resource for the department once I've gone at the end of March. The idea behind the website, or one-stop-shop was just to have the bare bones of what you need to do for a grant application or anything else basic as regard RDM. There is a feeling there may be too much information out there. Where more detail is needed links to sources are there, e.g. the DCC, grant awarding bodies and the like.

I've tried write it as a "Do you know?" and "Help me..." style website. So as practical as possible then!
I'll be publicising at the Dept seminar I'm doing on Friday. Should be fun... just the Powerpoint to prepare amongst a million and one other things.

Want to take a look?

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