Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Initial Data Managment Plan interview...

Met today with SW who is putting in for a Wellcome grant in relation to neural network simulations of how rats learn from their environment. This involves creating a synthetic litter mate which will collect the same experiences as a live rat pup. For example, visual, audio, touch etc. A lot of video data will be created and shared and it is this that will form the basis for a neural model. This model will then be presented to different animals as sensory stimuli. Electrophysiological data will be collected to test the predictions of the neural network simulations.

Phew!  I'll let you off if that sounds a little complex.  In short, it's to see how rats learn and to see if we can mimic it using a computer model. If we can then we check the effectiveness by seeing how other live rats view our "robotic" litter mate and the subconscious level. Can we mimic it well enough for them not to be able to tell? Interesting stuff to do with learning and how we create simulations learning.

Lots of notes taken. Check. I'm not off to sit in a darkened room to start on a Wellcome plan. They allow a 1,000 words and you need to answer 7 bullet points they pose. SW will be helping to put this in plain English.

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