Friday, 10 February 2012

All change... for the one-stop-shop website at least...

I've put a lot of content related to data management into the Sharepoint site but given the IT situation in the department there is some concern that once I've gone the "goodies" might disappear. Or in other words the server might stop working after the pixies who make it all work move out (insert your own metaphor - maybe you prefer hamsters on a wheel making the server work?).

Anyway we have decided that it would be better to get the content (AKA goodies) into the central University CMS where in theory someone else will be able to maintain them. So a few weeks of copying and pasting, uploading, swearing and sweating not to mention the ever present danger of RSI! So evidently the half day CMS course did come in handy after all :-)

Keeping the Sharepoint site for DClinPsy data and site files. More on this later.

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