Friday, 16 December 2011

Seminar update…

The seminar went well and apparently was one of the best attended before Christmas. In fact it was pretty full! Hopefully we’ve scared enough people into letting us help them with their Data Management Plans! We’ll see in the New Year I guess?

Grab a copy of the slides (minus a video of a building on fire -- you get the idea).

The promotion went as follows:

Why do I need to know about data management?
Well, all research councils in the UK now require a data management plan with any bid for funding. NSF for example says the plan should take up two pages out of 15. Data management means sharing your data and not just looking after it!

How about if I told you sharing your data typically leads to a 69% increase in citations... or that it could lead to more collaboration with other researchers. On the less positive side you have to respond to Freedom of Information requests within 20 days and if data is requested it has to be in an "understandable" format, i.e. with well described metadata.

Whether you're an active researcher or a postgraduate student you owe it to yourself to find out more about data management as it will impact on your career a lot more than you might think in the very near future. We aim to offer practical advice and a concise path through the data management jungle.

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