Thursday, 1 December 2011

JISCMRD launch meeting...

We made the short trip to Nottingham for the two day programme launch event. There was a mixture of projects represented ranging from the bigger infrastructure projects to the eight smaller “boots on the ground” six months ones of which we are one. There was a lot of practical advice on offer, from Blogging with Brian Kelly to DCC Tools and UMF Software as a Service and the JANET Brokerage. The late afternoon saw all the projects presenting a poster outlining their work. We also use our poster as a flyer within the department as it makes for good publicity.

On the second day there was advice on gathering evidence of benefits and impact. This would seem to be the thing that Universities and researchers worry about the most from our prospective! Some good advice gratefully received.

Later parallel sessions focussed on some of the projects that were up and running. Brian Hole (Ubiquity Press) gave a pretty compelling reason for data papers to help spur on sharing of data. Researchers need and want credit for data and this seems like an ideal way for them to get extra citations. In short an easy sell and one I’ll be pushing!

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