Monday, 5 December 2011

IDCC Workshop Bristol...

Straight from Nottingham to Bristol… well kind of. Travelled down on Sunday for an 8:30am start Monday. Decided just to go down for the one day otherwise another working week of 3 days gone for the whole meeting. So that could have been 2 working weeks out the office what with the launch meeting last week or half a working month = gulp!

Targeted the Monday as there we some talks on payback. That is, the REF. Which is the manna people seem to be interested in at the mo (again I was looking for leverage). Some interesting talks on what publishers are up to. Brian Hole was there again and had some sensible tempering comments. People from the Research Councils UK suggested some announcements on RDM would be coming in the New Year. An interesting stance from EPSRC who are saying institutions will need to sort this out or no one for a given institution will be able to apply for funding from them. Other councils place the onus on the grant applicant.

Nice to hear Martin Donnelly from the DCC say that they were using the guide to using DMPOnline I wrote at York as an exemplar for Psychology/ESRC and the tool itself.

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