Monday, 17 October 2011

About the project...

Welcome to the slightly belated DMSPpsych project blog! Behind the acronym are Dr Andrew Thompson and Dr Richard R. Plant. Andrew is a Clinical Psychologist and lecturer (project lead) whilst I myself work as Project Officer.

Both of us recognise it's often difficult and time consuming for individuals, research groups or even departments to follow a coordinated approach with regard to data management. So by working with researchers on a one-to-one basis, we hope to provide support and foster an atmosphere of collaboration.

As a result of this one-to-one support we hope to establish fundamental principles and best practice in research data management that can be applied at a local level. By local we mean resources that enable a researcher at Sheffield to do something concrete. Whether that be producing a plan for a funding bid or actually storing, describing and sharing data.

In short we aim to: 
  • To establish an infrastructure to facilitate appropriate data management planning culminating in a locally focused one-stop-shop website. This will contain exemplar data management plans that can be applied by active projects in the department and pointers to resources within University and further afield
  • To establish a culture of storage of data
  • Establish a mechanism and culture by which archived data can be (and is) used for future research
It's my first day on the job and I'll be working 3 days per week BTW! So that's about 4 working months on a 6 month project. Best type faster!!!

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